Spanish 1 (2 Part Payment)

Spanish 1 (2 Part Payment)

137.50 every 5 months for 10 months

Teacher: Peggy Downs

Time: Tuesdays 1:00-2:00 P.M. and Thursdays 12:00-1:00 P.M.

Full Year

Materials: Materials: Paso a Paso Level 1 Textbook (Provided), Paso a Paso Level 1 Workbook (Must be purchased. Cost: $15-$20), Notebook (designated solely for Spanish), Folder, Basic writing utensils, Highlighter, Notecards (optional)

Place: Methodist Church (Urban Mission), 301 North Fifth Street, Steubenville, Ohio, 43952


Peggy Downs has taught Spanish in the Steubenville area for many years. World Languages help prepare students to live and work in a diverse society. Learning a language promotes understanding and improves human relations in our world. During this school year the students will gain an introduction to the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures through speaking, reading, writing and listening activities. This course will engage students through speaking exercises, listening and reading comprehension exercises and writing assignments. In class we will be making an effort to work towards communicating in the target language as much as possible. Students involved in the study of Spanish will become proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing; as well as develop an understanding of the customs, arts, literature, history and geography associated with the Spanish language.

For more information concerning Spanish 1, please contact Peggy Downs: jdowns60[at]outlook[dot]com