Mary, Seat of Wisdom Catholic Community
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Mary, Seat of Wisdom Catholic Community
Supporting Homeschooling and Montessori Education in the Ohio Valley

Who We Are

Mary, Seat of Wisdom Catholic Community is a Homeschooling Co-operative and Montessori School in Steubenville, in the heart of the Ohio Valley. We have a simple mission: to empower parents in their choice for alternative, Catholic education by providing excellent and faithful teachers and programs from pre-school to the twelfth grade. We have been operating for ten years, serving hundreds of families, and are excited to continue to provide affordable, educational support to parents, the primary educators of their children. If this is your first encounter with Mary, Seat of Wisdom Catholic Community, we encourage you to learn about our teachers, programs, and class offerings using the navigation links at the top of this page.

The right and duty of parents to give education is essential, since it is connected with the transmission of human life; it is original and primary with regard to the educational role of others, on account of the uniqueness of the loving relationship between parents and children; and it is irreplaceable and inalienable, and therefore incapable of being entirely delegated to others or usurped by others...
— St. John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio, 22 November 1981

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