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Mary Seat of Wisdom

Montessori School

Pray. Learn. Grow. 




8-9:30 AM

Designed for Parents and their Newborn - 15 month old. 

An introduction to Montessori for you and your baby in an environment created to meet the needs of these inquisitive little learners.


Tuesdays Wednesdays, and Thursdays  

8-10 AM

Play group for 15- 36 month old children. 

 Activities range from cutting and sewing, to food preparation activities, to baskets of language materials.


Monday - Friday

Full and Part time

8-11:30 AM


8 AM-3 PM

Ages 3-6 

Your child will emerge with a set of skills – social, emotional and academic – while, more importantly, knowing how to function within a group.


Monday- Friday

8 AM - 3 PM

1st - 6th grade 

Through child-centered learning the children are given lessons on math, language, geometry, history, geography, music, art, botany, zoology and religion (Catechesis of the Good Shepherd). The elementary “curriculum” is only limited by a child’s imagination.

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See for yourself what the fuss is all about. 

What is a typical day like for a Montessori learner?


Why Montessori?

Children learn with their whole selves, using their hands, interests, emotions and passions to drive their growth. 


The Montessori Method places value on each child’s style of learning and educational needs.

Children benefit from a caring atmosphere that encourages discovery, focus, and cooperation in the classroom.

At Mary Seat of Wisdom Montessori our trained guides celebrate the developmental stages of childhood, cultivate a sense of wonder in each student, and honor the dignity of every child.


We partner with parents to ensure that our children are spiritually nourished, intellectually stimulated, and receive an education for life.

What Parents Think

"Having our children at MSW has always given me the comfort of knowing they're being nurtured as an entire person. When I release my children to the teacher's care, I know they are not only going to be taught but they will be formed and loved."

Henry and Lucia's mom