Shop Class

Shop Class

332.50 350.00

Teacher: Andrew Parrish

Sections: Carpentry, Pottery, Home Repair, Auto Mechanics (others pending)

Time: Thursdays, 2:00 - 4:00 P.M.

Full Year

Place: War Memorial Building, 423 North St, Steubenville

Materials: N40 respirator, a functional claw hammer, a basic pair of Phillips head and flat head screwdrivers (or a cordless electric drill), a basic socket set from Walmart (will need to have up to 1/2” sockets), pencils / pen and paper

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In education at the present time, the role of learning the crafts is critically neglected. The liberal arts as education of the mind and heart remain incomplete without the education of the body and nerves in the production of what is both beautiful and functional. Without an understanding of created matter as it exists, flawed and with inherent limitations, an understanding of form remains abstract and divorced from what is real.

This class aims to introduce students to the concept of craftsmanship, and an appreciation of how technical understanding and manual skill can lend purpose to their knowledge of math, the arts, philosophy, and other disciplines. Practically, it will be an introduction to the tools and methods of simple woodworking, basic structural design principles, the fundamentals of automotive repair, and the basics of construction. This information even in the abstract will be valuable knowledge for learning to navigate the complex modern world while retaining personal independence.

For more information on MSW’s Shop Class, contact Andrew Parrish: