Literature, History and Essay Writing (12-month Payment)

Literature, History and Essay Writing (12-month Payment)

137.50 every 5 months for 10 months

Teacher: Maura Barnes

Time: Tuesdays, 9:00-11:00 A.M.

Place: Methodist Church (Urban Mission), 301 North Fifth Street, Steubenville, Ohio, 43952

Materials: Students will be provided with a book list.


Maura Barnes is an English Writing Major from Franciscan University who works as a freelance editor for academic theological and philosophical texts. Her Writing class will teach students how to write great, college-level essays through a close study of some of the seminal texts of American literature. It’s a growing complaint that children enter into the university without ever really knowing how to write. Maura aims to answer that complaint.

To contact Maura with questions about her class: mauratmckeegan[at]gmail[dot]com

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