Introduction to Philosophy: The Virtues

Introduction to Philosophy: The Virtues

190.00 200.00

Teacher: Marc Barnes

Time: Wednesday/Friday, 1:00-2:45

Place: War Memorial Building 423 North St, Steubenville, OH 43952

Materials: Pen/pencil, journal, a good walking stick, handouts (provided)

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Marc Barnes has his Masters in Philosophy from Franciscan University, and is completing a doctorate in Theology from St. Mary’s University, Twickenham, London. His Introduction to Philosophy class will introduce students to systematic reasoning and metaphysical thought through a close study of St. Thomas Aquinas’ treatises on the virtues. Students will develop a robust understanding of the Aquinas’ anthropology (his description of what, precisely, the human person is) and how the virtues, as “good habits of the soul,” perfect human nature. Students will be lead on brief adventures and trials to help them understand the nature of each virtue — tests of courage, fortitude, patience, prudence, and so forth. The entire class will participate in producing an incredibly accurate mural/mosaic depicting all the virtues described by Aquinas, their relations, their beginning and end in Charity.

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