Film Photography (2 Payments)

Film Photography (2 Payments)

75.00 every 3 months for 6 months

Teacher: Brian Sizemore

Time: Thursday Night Class, 6:00-8:00 P.M.

Place: Sycamore Center, Corner of North and Fourth Street, Steubenville

Material fee: Students will pay an extra $150 material fee for lab equipment, including cameras, film, development chemicals, and light-sensitive paper by the second week of class. $50 of this material fee can be used towards purchasing their camera at the end of the class.


Brian Sizemore is a professional Film Photographer and graduate of Franciscan University. His art combines a surreal and hyper-intense focus on the human person with a love for the urban environment and its residents. In his film photography class, students will learn the basics of film photography, including composition, lighting, and darkroom development. Students will practice the art of taking beautiful pictures around downtown Steubenville and the science of developing and printing in a darkroom lab at the Sycamore Center. Students will also have a chance to promote and sell their work at pop-up gallery in downtown Steubenville at the end of the class. For additional information on his Film Photography class: brianrsizemore[at]gmail[dot]com